JUMO smartWARE Evaluation for the analysis and visualization of measurement data

Intelligent Automation for Industry 4.0

The browser-based software solution JUMO smartWARE Evaluation enables intuitive analysis and visualization of process data from the JUMO variTRON automation system. Individual dashboards allow targeted and fast access to recorded process data. Manipulation detection based on digital certificates ensures a high degree of data security.


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Data is the gold of the 21st century. Efficient data acquisition and analysis are elementary components of Industry 4.0. JUMO smartWARE Evaluation is a software solution that is now available for the JUMO variTRON automation system that enables browser-based process data analysis via customizable dashboards.

JUMO smartWARE Evaluation is installed centrally on desktops, local servers, or in the cloud using Docker technology. Additional installation of software or add-ons by the user is not necessary. This saves costs for the administration of the system. Access then takes place via common web browsers. Once set up, JUMO smartWARE Evaluation enables an unlimited number of users to analyze and visualize up to 1500 signals – worldwide.

An intuitive device and plant overview allows for quick navigation and selection of dashboards. It also enables a plant-wide batch search and analysis.

The individual design of the dashboards is an important step in the direction of a smart factory as processes can be sustainably optimized based on the collected data.

Data security is the top priority for JUMO smartWARE Evaluation. The recorded raw data is securely transferred to a datastore and archived by the JUMO variTRON 300 or 500 via Rest API using the data diode principle. Traceability of the recorded data is also ensured in the event of a configuration change or device replacement.

Analysis takes place in a separate area (Dataview) and is supported by tamper detection based on digital certificates so that verifiable process data can be provided reliably and quickly for critical audits.

JUMO is also breaking new ground in terms of planning and cost reliability. Billing occurs via a licensing model and is based on the number of signals required. The model is scalable. Fees for users do not apply.

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