JUMO flowTRANS US W − the new ultrasonic flowmeter series for liquids

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Products in the JUMO flowTRANS US W series are high-precision ultrasonic flowmeters for media that is conductive and non-conductive. They can be used with flexibility in a wide range of processes and are also resistant to corrosive media. In addition to pure flow measurement, variants with a pressure sensor, Bluetooth, IO Link, or JUMO digiLine are available.


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Flow is one of the standard measurands in many different industries. As a result, a variety of methods can be used to adapt to the applied measurement medium, the required accuracy, and the process conditions. JUMO already offers products for flow measurement that operate via differential pressure, the calorimetric measurement method, or the magnetic-inductive measuring principle. The new devices use the ultrasonic principle − they also feature high accuracy as well as fast response behavior.

For example, JUMO flowTRANS US W01 measures precisely in conductive as well as non-conductive media and is absolutely wear-free. The accuracy is +/- 2 percent of the measured value. An additional temperature sensor is already integrated. Its metal-free housing and the applied plastic pipe in nominal widths ranging from DN 15 to DN 32 allow it to be used in a flexible manner – even when dealing with corrosive media. The nominal pressures can be up to PN 16 and the medium temperature up to 80 °C With lower accuracy, even measurements at temperatures of up to 95 °C are possible. It can be easily integrated into existing plants. The IP65 protection type makes the device a flexible partner for a wide variety of processes.

Other variants of the JUMO flowTRANS US W offer a significantly extended functional range. Other than the basic features, they have a display and a Bluetooth interface. The accuracy is +/- 1 percent of the measured value. Furthermore, pressure can be measured with the more sophisticated versions. An app has also been developed for these devices. One version is available with an IO-Link interface. Another model can be used with the JUMO digiLine system, a smart sensor network for liquid analysis.

The application options are diverse. They range from water and environmental engineering to the dosing of chemicals. Consequently, the field of application ranges from small and medium-sized water treatment plants to galvanic plants or pump construction. Furthermore, JUMO flowTRANS US W01 is suitable for applications in the field of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (e.g. for cooling water circuits or cooling tower technology).

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