JUMO products are entering the digital future with a new hardware and software platform


The platform approach brings numerous advantages when developing products and is already the standard approach in many industries today. As of 2019 JUMO will also pursue this strategy. The pioneer for the new JUPITER platform is the JUMO variTRON automation system. Further products will follow. During the development of the platform great importance was placed on the scalability of the hardware and software.


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The result is a modular, flexible, and above all sustainable hardware platform, combined with a modern software architecture. The basis is a hardware platform with an 800 MHz processor which is used as a single, dual, or quad core variant depending on the application. The CPU module is pluggable and can be adapted to the requirements of a device via interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, PCIe, UART, SPI, I²C, and GPIOs. Higher performance or lower performance processors can be used depending on customer requirements.

The software has a modular structure based on a Linux platform and enables very good scalability for performance, memory, and interfaces. High standards in Internet security and cryptography enable users to always be on the safe side, even in cloud computing.

The JUPITER platform also keeps with the times when it comes to connectivity. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard. State-of-the-art TFT displays can also be connected. Intuitive operating concepts, multi gesture control, and animated image transitions are no longer a problem.

The JUPITER platform will be used for the first time in 2019 within the JUMO variTRON automation system. It will ensure a considerable leap into the future. Up to 64 intelligent connection modules are then possible for JUMO variTRON and a maximum of 10 operating panels can be connected in parallel via Ethernet.

JUMO provides visualization libraries for individual customer-specific operation via CODESYS Remote Target Visu and WebVisu. Flexibility is also guaranteed by the integration of all important fieldbus systems via CODESYS (such as Modbus RTU / TCP master and slave, PROFINET controller, EtherCAT master, and OPC UA server). Connection to higher-level control systems as devices is possible via a PROFINET interface. In addition, a new router module and a digital I/O module will be available for the automation system as of 2019.

After its launch in the JUMO automation system the JUPITER platform will gradually become the basis for further JUMO products such as paperless recorders, multichannel measuring devices for liquid analysis, or process and program controllers. Connectivity to existing JUMO products, such as digital sensors, will also be improved. As a result, new application areas will be opened up.

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