Power control for continuous furnaces

Power control

To ensure a consistent power output, JUMO offers thyristor controllers with a current limiting function and optional control algorithms. The thyristor controllers and solid state relays are suitable for resistive and resistive-inductive loads. Ultimately, the maximum temperature that can be reached when heating electrically-powered industrial furnaces depends on the heat sources (e.g. electric arc furnaces, melting furnaces, or furnaces for case hardening). Infrared radiators and high-temperature heating elements made of silicon carbide or molybdenum disilicide can also be controlled.

Our components for power control

High performance, full control

JUMO thyristor power controllers

JUMO power controllers are used in continuous furnaces for the contactless switching of alternating current loads. They are equipped with LCD displays as a standard feature for quick and easy parameterization on the device. Additionally, they feature dual energy management which – using equal distribution of the energy in the mains voltage – reduces energy costs.

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