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New 3-phase panel-mounted thermostat from JUMO

JUMO heatTHERM P300 Measures Safely and Reliably

JUMO heatTHERM P300 further enhances the JUMO portfolio for panel-mounted thermostats. The device is available with a maximum switching capacity of 30 A/480 V. The JUMO heatTHERM P300 comes with a trip-free function for additional safety. This is a unique feature for this price segment.


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The electromechanical thermostat can be operated without additional auxiliary energy. It is available with various connection possibilities such as tab connectors, screw terminals, or push-in connections. Examples of application areas include electronic screw-in heaters or deep fryers and hobs in the catering sector.

The JUMO heatTHERM P300 is also available as a safety temperature limiter. In the event of a malfunction, the device will set the system being monitored to a safe operating status.

All JUMO thermostats from the heatTHERM series come with capillary break protection. In addition, they are characterized by high levels of process reliability and long-term stability. The maximum switching point deviation is only +/- 5 % calculated for a total operating life of 250,000 hours. The cadmium-free design makes the devices particularly environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant.

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