JUMO MAERA The new level measurement probe series

The measurement variable of liquid level, particularly the hydrostatic measurement of liquid level, has got a new look: Both level measurement probes, the MAERA S25 and S28, are additions to the current JUMO product range. The current brochure and Internet presentation provides a quick overview of both the new and the established.

Level measurement probes are used for hydrostatic liquid level measurement in tanks, or for determining the level in open waters. There are so many products and variants available on the market that it is often difficult to make the right choice for a given application.
The vast number of different variants at JUMO are simply and clearly set out in the new “Level measurement probes – hydrostatic level and liquid level measurement” brochure at http://br-levelprobes.jumo.info and in the product comparison at http://pc-levelprobes.jumo.info. Starting from the application, all the level measurement probes can be delivered complete with different cables, materials and process connections in the various price segments, as well as with approval, integrated overvoltage protection or temperature sensor options.

Clear distinguishing features and application examples have been put together in tables to ensure that the right product can be quickly and conveniently found by taking the medium, its temperature and the measuring range into consideration.
Two new basic level measurement probe types from the total of five available, are presented below:
The JUMO MAERA S25 (type 40.1015), constitutes the basic product for building services. With its silicon sensor, it detects standardized measuring ranges of 250, 400 and 600 mbar, as well as 1 bar. The crucial element is a piezoresistive measuring cell, working safely and reliably with a high overload resistance. The level measurement probe is calibrated on a fully automatic measuring and calibrating system, which then ensures 100%-monitoring of the highest quality.
An M3 or G1/4“ inner thread with a protective cap can be chosen for the process connection.
Production time and production cost can be saved by specific measures, such as digital compensation and calibration, or sheathing a standard cable in a protective tube appropriate to the application, and this is reflected in the price of the level measurement probe.
The JUMO MAERA S28 (type 40.4392) is designed for free-field applications.
Outstanding long-term stability from the piezoresistive measuring cell and ultimate process safety from the integrated lightning protection, are two of the advantages of this level measurement probe, which also has the option of measuring liquid level and temperature simultaneously.
Thanks to its slim design, it can fit into a sounding pipe. Because the parts that come into contact with the medium are made from stainless steel, it can be used in virtually any area of application.

Further information can be found on the Internet at: www.jumo.net.

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