JUMO TB/TW 08 The new temperature limiter and monitor to EN 14 597 for panel mounting

Using this freely configurable, 48 mm x 96 mm instrument can reduce to a minimum the potential risks to people, property or the environment inherent in systems or operational processes. The primary task of the temperature limiter and monitor is to safely monitor thermotechnical processes, and bring systems to a safe operating state in the event of a fault.

Although the practical functionality of the instrument was a priority in its conception, its design has not been neglected. Linear in form and characterized by features such as an ultra-flat front panel and a brilliant display, the instrument can fit in with the design of more sophisticated systems, and round off the overall concept.
The display is clearly set out and shows all the process values relevant to safety. Additional LEDs also indicate whether system function is OK, or whether a warning alarm or a main alarm has been triggered.
The two measurement inputs, with 17 linearizations, are freely configurable for RTD temperature probes and thermocouples, as well as for current, voltage or differential measurement. The approvals that come as standard, such as UL to DIN 60 730-2-9, and a standard-compliant device concept to DIN EN 14 597, allow the instruments to be used worldwide in systems that demand functional safety.

The TB/TW 08 has two relay outputs (warning alarm and K1; in the event of an error, it switches to the safe state), a binary input and a standard setup interface. When the limiter function is active, it is possible to re-enable the system with an internal or external reset button.
Also available as an instrument option is an analog output, which can forward the process-relevant values to a recorder or controller, or to a control system.
Additional features, such as password-protected access, adjustable level inhibition and conscious confirmation (double confirmation), when relevant changes are made on the instrument, increase operational safety and ensure greater safety for your process.
The instrument is available with a 110 - 240 V AC
(–15 %/+10 %), 48 - 63 Hz or 20 - 30 V AC/DC, 48 - 63 Hz power supply.

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